Environmental Baseline Assessment and Monitoring

Environmental data is essential to understanding the environment especially for any potential development. The environmental data will provide a baseline, guide the design of the project, allow assessment of impacts, validate the proposed mitigation and also demonstrate compliance during project implementation.

Our sampling team have vast experience and routinely conduct environmental monitoring and assessments. We have carried out baseline sampling and monitoring in some of the challenging location such as Garraf, Iraq and Ethiopia.

The monitoring or survey services provided by GESB to clients include:

Terrestrial Monitoring

Ambient air quality
Boundary noise level
Flora and Fauna
Stack emission
Soil analysis
Wastewater analysis


Water Monitoring (Marine & Fresh)

Surface water quality
Ground water quality
Marine water quality
Marine sediment quality
Coral survey
Marine biology

  • Chlolophyl-a
  • Macrobenthos
  • Plankton
  • Zooplankton